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ROOM 1.17 Early Settlers Lifestyle


This room is believed to have been constructed as part of the major additions undertaken in 1927. The northern wall is the original rear wall of the 1918 Butter Factory which shows the brickwork in early original condition. The door opening to Room 6 has a large sliding door that hangs from a top-mounted industrial sliding rail that is believed to have been installed in the 1927 additions.

It is a large rectangular room, but the north-western corner was subdivided off in 2021 to provide space for the Busselton Historical Society Digitisation Team and the ongoing Digitization Project.

The arched ceiling was originally formed of sections of corrugated iron that acted as formwork for the concrete floor of room 27 above. However years of damp caused the deterioration of the concrete floor and the corrugated iron which led to the iron being replaced by Colorbond and the replacement of the floor above.

Also of note in this room are the industrial steel joists and posts, the perforated steel floor tiles that reputedly facilitate the movement of the cream cans and on the eastern side there is a concealed opening to the loading dock which is still visible externally.

This room has been known over the years as the Pasteuriser Room (1927), the Cream Processing & Pasteurising Room and the Cream Washing Area. The Busselton Historical Society now call this the Early Settlers Lifestyles Room as it showcases the items that celebrate how the early settlers in the Busselton region lived their lives.



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