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Sparkling Ginger Ale Bottle - Torrents Morawa


This Food Contains no Saccharine. Torrent's Sparkling Non Alcoholic Dry Ginger Ale. Manufactured in Morawa. This Food Contains no Preservative.
On label



Registration number
53 mm
Height or length
185 mm
Inscriptions and markings

Torrents - Morawa
This bottle always remains the property of Torrents Morawa

Contextual Information

Andrew (Alejandro) Torrent was born in Spain in 1904, he came to Australia with his mother in 1908 to join his father Miguel Torrent who had arrived two years earlier and was one of the seven Spanish Settlers in the Yoongarilup area. He farmed with his until the onset of the second World War (1939-1945) when he served in the Australian Army; he was the recipient of the Military Medal for bravery on active service.
After the war he did not return to farming in the Busselton area but left it to his father and brother Joe; Andrew settled in the wheatbelt town of Morawa where he ran the local store and started a cool drink factory.
He wrote several books "Memories of a 4 year old Spanish Migrant", "A day in the Army" and "My dog Sal" were three of them.
He donated the Chamberlain Tractor which is believed to be the first Tractor in Busselton and is on show in our Machinery Shed.
Andrew died in Busselton in 2002 and is buried in the Busselton Cemetery.

We thank the Morawa Historical Society for the donation of this bottle from Andrew Torrent's Cool Drink Factory.

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