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ROOM 1.20 Back Verandah / Loading Dock


The eastern section of this loading dock was probably constructed at the same time as Room 18 and there is evidence that 3 doors formerly opened onto the dock from that room (as seen in extant framing and repairs to the weatherboards). There would, however, have been a step down through each of these openings as the top of the loading dock forms the top of a low plinth around the base of that room.

Changes to the stonework detailing at the face of the loading dock indicate that the section in front of Room 16 was added at a later date. This is consistent with the lower floor level of Room 16 opening out at ground level prior to the enclosure of that space. The extent of this area is also shown by the square- edged weatherboard cladding, which contrasts with the typical use of bevel- edged weatherboards elsewhere.



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The former loading dock is now used for the display of butter making machinery, but none of this was traditionally located in this area.

Whilst not all the equipment in this display was used in this Butter Factory it was all used in commercial butter making in the south west.

The City of Busselton provided financial support that allowed the Busselton Historical Society to source and restore this equipment to its current condition so the Museum could have a comprehensive display that covered all elements of the commercial Butter Making process.

The original 1918 Butter Making Room, now the Museum Reception, would have been tooled for this purpose but with smaller less mechanized equipment like that on display in the Dairy Room.

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Busselton Historical Society

Busselton Historical Society

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Back verandah of the Butter Factory
Back verandah of the Butter Factory