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A circular black and white coloured base plate, with a central column flaring out half way up , with another column rising to the top, which also flares out and has a mounting to hold the lamp. The white paint has a marbling effect .

Historical information

This lamp was original purchased and used by Janet Hearne's grandparents, Mr and Mrs Anderson who lived on Albany Highway in Kelmscott. The lamp was passed onto their daughter Olga around the time she married Bruce Beales and moved to an orchard at 245 Peet Road in Roleystone. The lamp was taken with them when they moved to a new orchard on Railway Avenue on Kelmscott in 1956. The lamp was passed onto their daughter Janet who kept it in her home until 2019 when she and her husband downsized and moved to Busselton.
Electricity did not come to Roleystone until the mid 1920s and was not extended up through Roleystone until the 1940s.



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20.5000 cm
Height or length
37 cm
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City of Armadale - History House

City of Armadale - History House

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