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A collection of three cardboard folders containing a selection of records and five loose records with paper covers. The first record folder has a green spine and is light green with a white paper label on front with an orange boarder. The folder contains 4 black records.
The second folder has a brown spine and is coloured brown and contains 10 records by various composers.
The third album folder has a brown spine and is coloured salmon pink with a white label with a salmon pink boarder on the front. and contains 4 albums.
Five loose black albums by various composers in white paper sleeves which are in side brown paper sleeves with red text on them outlining the records name and publishers details.

Historical information

A collection of 78RPM records which were owned and used by John during his musical career, which spanned many decades, starting in the 1940's.He passed them on to Henry Zelones when he closed his office in 2017. John taught music from his office as well as managed a number of local choirs that focussed on classical music.



Registration number
Inscriptions and markings

Green folder label title [BEETHOVEN / CONCERTO No.2 IN B FLAT MAJOR,Op.19.]. Label on salmon pink folder [SCHUMANN / CONCERTO IN A MINOR. Op.54.]

Christmass John
Anzac Day
Best of British Concert
Statement of significance

John Christmass moved to the Kelmscott area in the 1970s. John had taught music since the 1940s and later joined the Department of Education and was in charge of their choral music program.
In 1985 he retired from the education department and focussed his time on teaching and promoting music from his Kelmscott office. From there he managed the I Voci Choir which was made up of past students from Perth Modern School aged 18-30.

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City of Armadale - History House

City of Armadale - History House

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