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c. 1990 - 2017

Collection of discs used at Armadale Aquatic Centre to obtain entry.12 adult discs coloured copper, and 7 children's discs, coloured gold, both discs have the same design. A central circle encompassing a swimmer, around the outside is raised text, the obverse side remains blank.

Historical information

These items were acquired from the Armadale Aquatic centre when renovations were started in 2017.The centre was opened in December 1980



Registration number
30 cm
2 cm
Inscriptions and markings

Bronze tokens [ADMIT ONE ADULT] Copper tokens [ADMIT ONE CHILD]

Contextual Information

The tokens represent the hundreds of thousands of people, the vast majority of them local residents, who between 1980 and 2017 us the public pools at the City of Armadale Aquatic Centre to learn how to swim, swim for personal fitness and enjoyment, join, participate and compete with a number of swim and fitness clubs a the pool and to simply enjoy with friends and family on a hot summer day. The City of Armadale has managed public pools for its community since 1957 following a drowning of a child at a local swim hole in the Canning River. In the late 1970s the local Council received strong community pressure to build a new and larger facility which they did. Due to the City's inland location (24km from the cost) a easily accessible, affordable public pool was very important to the community for both fitness and recreational reasons. Many residents have fond memories of leaning to swim at the centre and spending hot days there, playing on the plash pads or cooling off in the pools.

c. 1990 - 2017
Statement of significance

The tokens were purchased at the reception, then used to gain admittance to the Aqua Centre, via a turnstile. There were different sizes and colours for adults and children, used from the 1980's until 2017, when renovations were taking place to update the facilities.

Comparative significance criteria
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City of Armadale - History House

City of Armadale - History House

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