Series of seven colour photos of the restoration of Donegan's Cottage (Telegraph Road, Toodyay) in 1997/98
a) front of building showing vandalism, missing render
b) rear showing additions, spare bricks
c) same
d) reconstruction of verandah
e) reconstruction of rear
f) restored front
g) project team, known members L-R Ray Paynter, Judy Fisher, Andrew Smith, Les Harders, carolyn Downie, Mike Fisher Dawn Atwel; front: Mike Kelly? (doesn't look like him)

Historical information

It is unknown how these photos came to be grouped together in the Museum Workshop.



Registration number
Item type
150 mm
Height or length
100 mm
Contextual Information

In terms of intellectual property, the original owner of these images is unknown but it is assumed that they were taken with the intent of recording the restoration project. It is therefore assumed that these photos are intended to be kept for research or display.

Statement of significance

The value of the items considered for accession lies in their research value as a visual record of Donegans Cottage and the buildings repair.

Primary significance criteria
Historic significance
Shire of Toodyay

Shire of Toodyay

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