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Model of the Barrabup Mill


This model of machinery and engines used at the mill, was made by Busselton Historical Society member Carter Harbeck.

Historical information

Whilst the Barrabup Mill was not located in the Busselton Shire, processed timber from this mill was transported by train to the Busselton Jetty for shipping. The Barrabup Mill was operational from 1909 to 1925.

Here are some reminiscence from model maker Carter Harbeck about the Barrabup Mill.

"The early origins of the mill are very hazy but I do know that it was built around 1909. The squared timber used in the building of it was obtained from a spot mill situated near Bibalup, about 5 miles on the way from Nannup to Busselton.

At the time the Busselton to Nannup railway was being built and had just passed through Cambray, 6 miles away. When in full running, the mill would have employed 80 to 100 men. There were others also such as a doctor, nurse, boarding house keeper and assistants, so there was quite a settlement. There was also a hall, billiard saloon and post office etc.

Mr W Lightly was managing the mill first off, until the Kauri Timber Company bought it and Mr Robert Smith was installed as a manager, with his brother as second in command, who was later to build Ellis Creek Mill and manage same."



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Contextual Information

Barrabup is 50km south west of Busselton and was a thriving timber town in early 20th century. Nowadays only remnants of the old mill office can be found near the naturally formed Barrabup Pool, which is a popular tourist destination for camping and swimming.

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Barrabup Mill 1 December 1921
Barrabup Mill 1 December 1921
Mill with train
Mills like Barrabup used trains to deliver the processed timber to the Busselton Jetty for shipping. Photo from BHS Archive
Boiler inspection Barrabup Mill
Boiler inspection Barrabup Mill. Photo from Nannup Historical Society
Barrabup mill camp
Barrabup mill camp. Image 3822 from the BHS Archive
Barrabup Mill
Barrabup Mill
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Barrabup Mill

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