Holes in One

This Topic records the details of golfers who have scored a hole in one at MGGC.
The Topic is also used as a common reference to relate Items such as hole in one trophies and policies for prizes awarded for a hole in one achievement.
The Holes in One pdf attachment is a list of all holes in one at MGGC throughout its history. This list is periodically updated.
There are two sets of data. The left-hand set lists each hole in one in chronological order. The right-hand set lists the number of holes in one scored by individuals sorted from highest to lowest. The information is maintained in a separate spreadsheet and updated as results occur.
The lists of holes in one have been obtained from honour boards, annual reports, newsletters, Ladies Committee minutes, Board minutes and golf result reports. In addition, personal communication with members is also recognised where they can substantiate a hole in one that is not recorded in these other sources.
Most holes in one are achieved on par three holes. However, there have been holes in one achieved on par four hole 15 since it was shortened in 2011.
Current policy is that holes in one are only recognised when achieved:
  • on a regular hole on the course.
      (This excludes temporary holes included during course work to replace another hole which is out of play.)
  • by a club member during a recognised club competition.
      (This excludes social play and members from other clubs.)
However, historical records show that this was not always the policy. In a Board minute dated 22/6/89 the Ladies committee were advised that they should recognise a hole in one achieved by a visitor. The hole in one achievements have been retained in the lists if they were previously recorded in the historical list of sources noted above.

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CUSACK, John D. 1969 May
DAY, Thelma G. 1969 August
CASTLEY, Peter Robert 1970 July
ROTHERY, Peter Anthony 1970 August
BUSWELL, Sydney 1971 February
STRACHAN, John Thomas 1971 March
BRAIN, Richard 1971 May
STANLEY, C. 1971 June
CUSACK, John D. 1971 August
SHAVE, Desmond Arthur (Des) 1972 March
MARTIN, G. 1972 April
KAYE, Ben 1972 May
HALL, L. 1972 June
GORRINGE, James W. 1972 August
HENLEY, Neil Clifford 1972 August
ROBSON, Thomas William (Tom) 1972 September
KNOWLES, Beryl E. 1972 October
GRAHAM, Norm 1972 November
MCCLEAN, Barry J. 1973 April
HEIDUK, Joseph 1973 June
MCIVER, Bernie T. 1973 June
JOHNSON, Ken 1973 September
MONTEATH, Sandra E. 1973 September
MASKEW, John 1973 October
SYME, William A. (Bill) 1973 October
ASHWORTH, P. 1973 November
STONER, Len 1973 December
TURPIN, R. Des 1973 December
ARNOLD, Laurie U. 1974 January
GRIGG, Edward Walter (Ted) 1974 May
FITZGERALD, Eunice 1974 June
GRAVENALL, Ernest 1974 October
MCGRATH, Frank E. 1974 December
ARNOLD, Herbert 1975 February
HOLMES, Geoffery Rowland (Geoff) 1975 March
STEWART, Donald Keith (Don) 1975 March
SOUTHERN, Ruth E. 1975 April
MAITLAND, R. 1975 July
BROOKER, Betty 1975 September
JOHNSON, N. 1975 November
WILLS, Joan E. 1976 February
COOK, Jo Margaret 1976 April
WILDY, Esme 1976 June
PEARCE, Kelvin John (Kel) 1976 July
HARRISON, G. 1976 August
WESTWOOD, Dennis 1976 August
BENNETT, Victor Edgar (Jack) 1976 September
DAVIS, Ronald P. 1976 September
DAY, Murray 1976 September
JONES, David L. 1976 September
WILDY, Cyril Bernard 1976 October
MCGOW, Bruce Ward 1977 February
WILDY, Cyril Bernard 1977 March
BELL, M. M. (Peg) 1977 April
STRACHAN, John Thomas 1977 April
CARROLL, M. 1977 May
HARRISON, Marj 1977 May
BERGLUND, G. 1977 July
HOWARD, Harry C. 1977 July
BLAIR, James A. 1977 August
SHATTOCK, G. 1977 August
BARTLEY, Graeme Balton 1977 September
MCCLEAN, Barry J. 1977 October
WATKINSON, Stella 1977 November
FITZPATRICK, Alan H. 1978 March
NAPIER, Clive James 1978 March
FINCH, Florrie J. 1978 April
HARDIE, Lance Ernest 1978 April
HARRIS, Leslie B. 1978 April
KEAST, Robert Lytton (Bob) 1978 May
EVENSEN, B. 1978 August
BRENT, Raymond Geoffrey (Ray) 1978 September
WORSEY, M. 1978 September
BIRD, Helen 1978 October
WATKINSON, Stella 1978 November
BURDUS, P. 1979 April
SYME, William A. (Bill) 1979 April
MAITLAND, R. 1979 May
WILLS, Lawrence H. (Laurie) 1979 May
KNOX, Andrew P. 1979 July
MCGRATH, Kathleen J. 1979 July
LODGE, Shirley 1979 August
MARSELL, William J. 1979 August
WARD, Ernest H. (Ernie) 1979 August
GROBBELAAR, Charl 1979 September
BARNETT, B. 1979 November
DEVEREAUX, Allan J. 1979 November
MILES, Ken 1979 December
BEAL, Kathleen Alice (Kaye) 1980 March
MCKEE, Ian Robert 1980 March
SUMMERS, Alexander 1980 April
BAKER, Jack 1980 September
WILLIAMS, Ross 1980 September
MYBURGH, Wally E. 1981 March
OWEN, Ian R. 1981 March
MATTHIESSEN, Don G. 1981 April
SWAIN, Judith Ann (Judy) 1981 April
GLIDDON, J. Ross 1981 June
JOHNSON, Maureen L. 1981 June
FITZPATRICK, Alan H. 1981 July
HOWARD, Harry C. 1981 July
WARDEN, Vivien E. 1981 August
ARNOLD, Lawrence D. (Laurie) 1981 October
KEAST, Robert Lytton (Bob) 1981 November
MITCHELL, William Gordon (Bill) 1981 November
ROBSON, Thomas William (Tom) 1981 December
SMITH, Trevor A. 1982 January
ROTHERY, Peter Anthony 1982 February
DALGLEISH, R. W. 1982 May
MARTIN, John Edward (Jack) 1982 May
BLADEN, Charles Louis 1982 June
MILES, Ken 1982 July
GILBERT, Winifred M. 1982 October
PILSWORTH, K. 1982 November
MATTHEWS, John Hugh Brenton (Brent) 1982 December
TURPIN, R. Des 1983 January
GRANT, Norman R. 1983 February
VINCENT, Robert (Bob) 1983 February
RIACH, Robert 1983 March
MARSH, Kenneth T. (Ken) 1983 April
GREEN, Ross Gary 1983 May
BROOM, Cecil A. (Cec) 1983 June
HALL, W. A. 1983 August
BELL, M. M. (Peg) 1983 September
PALMER, Joy 1983 October
POPHAM, George R. 1983 October
GREGORY, P. 1983 December
BIGNELL, Brian 1984 January
THOMAS, K. E. 1984 February
WRIGHT, R. Geoff 1984 March
MILLARD, Mike 1984 June
MORGAN, Ruby Dana 1984 August
SARICH, Paul Winston 1984 August
BLADEN, Charles Louis 1984 September
LIVELY, Lois M. 1984 September
PASS, Phyllis S. 1984 September
GINBEY, Ray 1984 November
KATNIC, Nena Maureen 1984 November
PALMER, Joy 1985 March
CORNWALL, John 1985 April
FIRTH, Noeleen Dorothy 1985 May
TEMPLETON, Brian 1985 June
WELLS, Kaye L. 1985 August
STEVEN, Mavis C. 1985 September
ELLIOTT, D. 1985 October
JONES, Frank 1985 October
WAKELIN, Melva E. 1985 October
BACKHOUSE, Norm 1986 January
SIMMS, Bradley J. 1986 March
EARP, Steve A. 1986 April
GINBEY, Ray 1986 May
LOHMAN, Doreen 1986 June
KNOWLES, Beryl E. 1986 September
PILKINGTON, James M. (Jim) 1986 September
KIRKPATRICK, Raymond Alexander (Ray) 1986 November
MATTHIESSEN, Don G. 1986 November
PARENTICH, Anthony (Tony) 1986 December
VINCENT, Robert (Bob) 1986 December
WALLACE, Alex M. 1986 December
EDGAR, William (Bill) 1987 March
WOODLEY, Robert C. (Bob) 1987 March
BOON, Paul R. 1987 April
ELLISON, Ric J. 1987 April
HARBURN, Colin Malcolm 1987 May
BOGGS, Peter Graeme 1987 June
PALMER, Joy 1987 June
EVANS, Stanley M. (Stan) 1987 August
KING, Harley Andrew (Harley) 1987 August
PITTS-HILL, Rae 1987 August
WORTH, Helen 1987 August
DAVIES, Inez E. 1987 September
FACIUS, Maureen 1987 September
ITALIANO, Anthony Albert (Tony) 1987 September
HARBURN, Colin Malcolm 1987 October
GLIDDON, Malcolm Maxwell (Mal) 1987 November
COULTER, Tom E. 1987 December
MEWS, Peter 1988 January
O'BRIEN, Frank 1988 January
MOWBRAY, John M. 1988 March
PORTER, Alan J. 1988 March
WATTS, T. Kerry A. 1988 May
BOYD, Gary S. 1988 June
JOHNSTON, Keith A. 1988 June
EGAN, Haydn P. 1988 July
O'MEARA, Patrick Lindsay 1988 July
ANNEAR, Donald Edward (Don) 1988 September
DAVIDSON, D. 1988 September
HOWARD, Hazel D. 1988 October
HUNTER, Victor Leslie (Les) 1988 October
SMITH, Ritchie Brendan 1988 October
HACKET, Lance J. 1988 November
MARSH, Kenneth T. (Ken) 1988 November
HUNTER, Victor Leslie (Les) 1988 December
JOHNSON, Raymond S. 1988 December
MEWS, Peter 1988 December
JAYATILAKA, Clarence 1989 April
MCGOW, Bruce Ward 1989 April
FRENCH, Pat D. 1989 May
HALE, S. 1989 May
BELONOGOFF, George F. 1989 June
ROGERS, Don 1989 June
MUTTER, Fran 1989 August
CORNWALL, John 1989 September
BARNETT, Sheila 1989 October
WOOD, Graham J. 1989 October
COOK, Jo Margaret 1990 January
ROTHERY, Peter Anthony 1990 January
HOMEWOOD, Maxwell John (Max) 1990 February
ROBINSON, John S. 1990 February
CHARNOCK, Vivian John (Viv) 1990 March
WARNER, Kit W. 1990 March
BASKERVILLE, Tom D. 1990 May
RUDGE, Donald S. (Don) 1990 May
MOWBRAY, John M. 1990 June
PORTER, Alan J. 1990 June
WARD, Ernest H. (Ernie) 1990 June
WALLACE, Alex M. 1990 July
WARNER, Kit W. 1990 July
KEAST, Robert Lytton (Bob) 1990 August
SMITH, Brian J. 1990 August
PETTERSSON, David 1990 November
DRIMATIS, George 1990 December
BENTLEY, Nell 1991 January
CHIDGZEY, Philip W. 1991 January
MCDONALD, Roderick John (Rod) 1991 January
STEPHEN, Mavis C. 1991 February
HALL, Don B. 1991 March
JONES, David L. 1991 March
KEAST, Robert Lytton (Bob) 1991 March
RAITT, Haydn Alan 1991 March
STRACHAN, John Thomas 1991 March
MCGREGOR, Colin J. 1991 May
CONTENCIN, Peter J. 1991 June
MCBRIDE, Mark James 1991 June
FRENCH, Pat D. 1991 August
SHAVE (nee Morgan), Dana Marea 1991 August
STEEL, Adam J. 1991 August
TERNENT, Peter William 1991 October
TITTERTON, Ross 1991 October
COULTER, Tom E. 1991 November
ROTHERY, Peter Anthony 1992 January
WHITE, Eric M. 1992 January
MCGUSHIN, Peter J. 1992 March
RANN, James Victor (Jim) 1992 March
CHARNOCK, Vivian John (Viv) 1992 May
HILTON, G. 1992 May
RUDGE, Janet R. 1992 May
COOPER, Chris 1992 June
VERKERK, Steve 1992 July
WARBURTON, Dennis 1992 July
SCOTT, Ray G. 1992 September
HORNE, Peter W. 1992 October
KING, Harley Andrew (Harley) 1992 October
CALVERT, Gordon 1992 December
BELL, David 1993 January
MYBURGH, Wally E. 1993 January
WATSON, Peter 1993 February
HENDRIE, Ronald Thomas (Ron) 1993 April
MARSHALL, Gregory Elms (Greg) 1993 April
VOYKOVICH, Victor John (Vic) 1993 April
JUDKINS, Peter John 1993 May
MORISEY, E. F. (Frank) 1993 July
GREENWELL, Maxine 1993 August
ROBERTS, Ray P. 1993 August
BANCROFT, Frank John 1993 September
CASTLEY, Peter Robert 1993 September
HILL, H. R. (Bert) 1993 September
TAPPER, John 1993 October
CASTLEY, Peter Robert 1993 November
NEATE, Cliff 1993 November
GROBBELAAR, Charl 1993 December
BACKHOUSE, Norm 1994 January
POBJOY, Alan 1994 January
THOMPSON, James R. 1994 January
ROBINSON, Olwyn 1994 February
NORTHCOTT, Dan 1994 March
FERNANDEZ, Arnold 1994 April
RAITT, Haydn Alan 1994 April
SMITH, Douglas W. 1994 April
HENDRIE, David Kenneth (Dave) 1994 May
ROSE, L. 1994 May
GROBBELAAR, Charl 1994 June
NUTT, D. 1994 August
TAPPER, John 1994 August
BROOM, Cecil A. (Cec) 1994 November
HARBURN, Colin Malcolm 1995 February
TERNENT, Peter William 1995 March
ANASTASAS, M. 1995 April
GALLANT, M. 1995 April
MACDONALD, Robert Marquis 1995 May
RANN, James Victor (Jim) 1995 July
PORTER, Alan J. 1995 August
SPICER, Brad 1995 August
KIRBY, George Edwin 1995 September
TURPIN, R. Des 1995 September
NIESCHE, Dave 1995 October
MCCULLOCH, Enid Rosa 1995 November
WATSON, Peter 1995 November
HAINES, Michael Edward 1995 December
KELLY, Alan 1995 December
LEE STEERE, Bruce 1995 December
MASGAI, Mike 1995 December
WARBURTON, Jack 1996 January
BURKING, Lynnette Olive (Lynne) 1996 March
BIRD, Helen 1996 April
MCGIBBON, B. 1996 April
PALMER, John 1996 April
SHUARD, Ron 1996 April
ALDRICH, Barry Trevor 1996 May
HATCH, Lachlan 1996 May
BAILEY, Russell Norman 1996 July
COX, G. 1996 July
ELLIOTT, Ron 1996 July
VENN, David 1996 July
GLENDINNING, Thomas Wallace (Tom) 1996 September
LAZENBY, Mark 1996 November
SARICM, M. 1996 December
SOANES, John Gavin Bert 1996 December
SWAIN, Lawrence Peter (Laurie) 1997 January
BURNS, William 1997 March
WOOD, William (Bill) 1997 March
CASSIDY, Mathew Nolan 1997 April
FRIDAY, William John 1997 April
HUTCHINSON, Colin 1997 April
LANSBURY, Suzanne Carol (Sue) 1997 April
COOKE, John Robinson 1997 May
MITCHELL, Jan 1997 May
BLANK, Dave 1997 June
GROBBELAAR, Charl 1997 July
DOHERTY, Beverly 1997 August
ROBERTS, Ray P. 1997 August
GREEN, Alva Joan 1997 October
GRIFFITHS, Drew 1997 October
HUNTER, Victor Leslie (Les) 1997 November
COOKE, John Robinson 1998 February
REY, Michael 1998 February
VOYKOVICH, Victor John (Vic) 1998 February
SMITH, Trevor J. 1998 April
RAPER, Graeme 1998 June
SOANES, John Gavin Bert 1998 June
THOMPSON, Edric Arthur (Ed) 1998 June
GREEN, Alva Joan 1998 July
LIEW, Simon 1998 August
THOMPSON, Merle Lynette 1998 August
WRAY, John 1998 August
JASPER, Evan 1998 September
TERNENT, Peter William 1998 October
FLYNN, John 1998 November
HENLEY, Wayne Neil 1998 November
TAYLOR, Alan James 1998 December
CANE, David 1999 January
GROBBELAAR, Charl 1999 January
KEENAN, Brian 1999 January
ROBSON, Thomas William (Tom) 1999 January
CUNNINGHAM, Nigel 1999 June
PIANI, Nicholas (Nick) 1999 July
WYLIE, Peter 1999 July
CAREY, Trevor George 1999 August
WARD, Dennis 1999 October
PRINGLE, David Warren 1999 November
WOSCHNAK, Adi 1999 December
O'MEARA, Patrick Lindsay 2000 January
ROGERS, Don 2000 January
THOMPSON, James R. 2000 January
HARBURN, Lynton P. 2000 February
SHARPE, James 2000 February
HUNTER, Victor Leslie (Les) 2000 March
RICKWOOD, Ian James (Ian) 2000 April
MITCHELL, Keith 2000 May
BARNES, Allan 2000 July
DANSEY, Bob 2000 August
O'BRIEN, Margaret Mary 2000 August
LITIS, Michael 2000 September
MATCHAM, Warren 2000 September
MCINTYRE, M. 2000 September
MORPHETT, Richard 2000 September
CUSACK, John D. 2000 October
BERGEN, Phyllis 2000 November
LANE, Sylvester (Syl) 2000 November
ROBINSON, Doug 2000 November
ALDRICH, Barry Trevor 2000 December
RAPER, David Stanley (Dave) 2001 February
HENDERSON, Robert (Bob) 2001 March
SPENCER, Jess May 2001 March
CHEN, Mei 2001 April
HATCH, Lachlan 2001 May
LIVELY, Lois M. 2001 June
MCCULLOCH, Fredrick Geoffery (Fred) 2001 June
SMITH, Trevor J. 2001 June
DOWNEY, Mike 2001 July
SMITH, John 2001 July
WATERS, Brian 2001 August
MCIVOR, Darren 2001 September
BENNETT, Geoffrey Allen 2001 October
BOYD, Gary S. 2001 October
ROWBERRY, Jim 2001 October
KIRKE, Robert 2001 November
PARKER, Adam John 2001 November
PETERS, Robert John (Bob) 2001 November
WATSON, Peter 2001 November
HALLAM, (nee MILLER) Christina 2001 December
PEREIRA, Patrick Allen (Pat) 2001 December
SWAN, Kevin 2001 December
KING, Harley Andrew (Harley) 2002 March
RUMFORD, Mike 2002 April
WOODWARD, Bruce Campbell 2002 May
MADACSI, Drew 2002 July
DING, Steven 2002 September
FOSTER, Kathleen Belle (Kathy) 2002 September
PETERS, Joan 2002 September
THOMPSON, Brian Isherwood 2002 September
DAVIES, Raymond James (Ray) 2002 November
ROWBERRY, Jim 2002 November
WATSON, Peter 2002 November
MATTHEWSON, Jeffery David 2002 December
GOODALL, Nigel John 2003 February
KLINE, Ian Charles 2003 February
WATSON, Peter 2003 February
GOODALL, Nigel John 2003 March
SMITH, Robin Melville (Rob) 2003 March
WESTERN, Mark 2003 March
DAVIS, Peter Murray 2003 April
MCCULLOCH, Enid Rosa 2003 April
ROCHE, Liam Michael 2003 April
FISHER, John 2003 May
GREANEY, David 2003 May
SHILLINGLAW, Greg 2003 May
FLYNN, Maureen 2003 June
HOPPE, David William 2003 July
BAGBY, Trish 2003 August
WOSCHNAK, Adi 2003 August
CAMPEY, Michael Fred (Mike) 2003 October
COLGAN, Michael 2003 October
GLIDDON, Bruce Howard 2003 October
GREY, Brian J. 2003 October
HALLAM, Colin 2003 October
ROWBERRY, Jim 2003 November
DOHERTY, Peter Hugh 2003 December
SIMMS, Barry Francis 2003 December
WALTON, Brian 2003 December
WARBURTON, Dennis 2003 December
CUNNINGHAM, Nigel 2004 January
HILL, Gordon Frank 2004 February
HUME, Samuel (Sam) 2004 March
SOANES, John Gavin Bert 2004 March
GRAHAM, Adam 2004 April
WARBURTON, Dennis 2004 April
WEBBER, Pam 2004 April
JOHN, Derek William 2004 May
PEREIRA, Patrick Allen (Pat) 2004 May
WARBURTON, Dennis 2004 May
WATERS, Kaye 2004 June
BAKER, Todd 2004 July
GRUNDY, Richard 2004 August
MACDONALD, Robert Marquis 2004 August
MATTHEWS, John Hugh Brenton (Brent) 2004 August
ROBINSON, Doug 2004 August
HUNTER, John Barry 2004 September
SMITH, Timothy Steven (Tim) 2004 September
HOPPE, Colin William 2004 November
SCOTT, Greg 2004 November
BAGBY, Bill 2004 December
HOARE, Craig Anthony 2005 January
PARK, Jane 2005 January
FOGARTY, Peter John 2005 March
HARDLESS, Michael (Mike) 2005 March
HARBURN, Colin Malcolm 2005 April
YOUNG, David 2005 April
KEEVILL, Michael Patrick (Mike) 2005 May
NEWMAN, Sylvia 2005 May
WRIGHT, Geoff 2005 June
BYRNES, Louis Kelly 2005 July
OBIRI-BOATENG, Viktor 2005 July
SMITH, Robin Melville (Rob) 2005 July
PETKOVICH, Michael John (Mike) 2005 August
SMITH, Ian 2005 August
WOOTLIFF, Judy 2005 August
STEENHOLDT, Robert 2005 October
ALLEN, Bill 2005 November
MCGUSHIN, Diana Terese 2005 November
YOUNG, David 2005 November
GILKISON, Peter Samuel 2005 December
GLASSON, Michael Rodney (Mike) 2005 December
HOLLINGTON, Matthew 2005 December
FREEMAN, Robyn 2006 February
HAYES, Beverley (Bev) 2006 February
DOWNES, John Malcolm (Mal) 2006 March
JOHN, Derek William 2006 March
BURKING, Lynnette Olive (Lynne) 2006 April
FREEMAN, Angela Catherine 2006 April
GROBBELAAR, Charl 2006 April
CALVERT, Gordon 2006 May
DAVIES, Raymond James (Ray) 2006 May
ISKANDAR, Winson 2006 May
MATTHEWSON, Jeffery David 2006 May
SHARPE, James 2006 May
HAMPSON, Derek 2006 June
MARSHALL, Caroline 2006 June
GORE, Daryl John 2006 July
O'BRIEN, Margaret Mary 2006 August
AARONSON, Stuart Lindsey 2006 September
BARTON, Roy 2006 September
CLARKE, Lyn 2006 September
HENDERSON, Robert (Bob) 2006 October
O'SHEA, Kerry 2006 October
SCOTT, John Rutherford (John) 2006 October
SMITH, Valda May (Val) 2007 February
GRANT, Lindsay Boyd 2007 March
HOUWEN, Michael John 2007 May
LANGOULANT, John Leslie 2007 May
ADAMS, James William (Jamie) 2007 August
CLARK, David John (Dave) 2007 August
GUEST, Peter John 2007 August
HITCHEN, Anne Veronica 2007 August
O'MEARA, Janice Fay (Jan) 2007 August
SHAVE (nee Morgan), Dana Marea 2007 August
WALTON, Kerry 2007 August
BANCROFT, Hayden Chistopher 2007 October
ITALIANO, Anthony Albert (Tony) 2007 December
VOYKOVICH, Victor John (Vic) 2007 December
WATSON, David 2007 December
WALTERS, Chris 2008 March
BAILEY, Jeff 2008 April
BONSER, Janice 2008 April
SARICH, Paul Winston 2008 April
ST PETERS, Mary Carol 2008 May
HEBBARD, Nathan 2008 June
TERNENT, Peter William 2008 July
PUTLAND, Jayden Dale 2008 August
GOODALL, Nigel John 2008 October
HANSEN, Eric Leslie 2008 November
CUTFIELD, Gerald (Gerry) 2009 January
HUNTER, John Barry 2009 January
CORNEY, Shane B 2009 February
HARTLEY, Jon 2009 February
PEAKE, Ryan 2009 March
QUENBY, Mark Steven 2009 March
BRAY, Igor 2009 April
CULLEN, Peter Anthony 2009 April
HERON, Leslie John (Les) 2009 April
VAN DER BRUGGHEN, Shirley Ann 2009 April
CAMPEY, Michael Fred (Mike) 2009 May
SMITH, Darryl 2009 May
ELLIFFE, J. (Johnny) 2009 July
LEE, Alisa 2009 July
CANADZICH, Wendy Jean 2009 August
SPENCER, Jess May 2009 August
MEARS, Ian Michael 2009 September
LEES, Alan 2009 October
TUANA, Aiden Riley 2009 October
CULLEY, Ron Leslie 2009 November
PIANI, Nicholas (Nick) 2009 November
MARSHALL, Caroline 2010 January
VAN DER BRUGGHEN, Shirley Ann 2010 January
LICHOCIK, Carl Aaron 2010 February
MITCHELL, Adam 2010 March
WARD, Deborah 2010 March
PLUMRIDGE, Lincoln 2010 April
BECK, Greg Peter 2010 May
GERRARD, William Leonard (Bill) 2010 May
HARRINGTON, Brian William 2010 May
MERLINO, Robert (Rob) 2010 May
WALTERS, Steve 2010 May
WHITE, Bruce Shaun 2010 May
CARTER, Philip William 2010 June
CANADZICH, Wendy Jean 2010 August
KESSELL, Coralea Elaine 2010 August
MYUNG, Kum Sook 2010 August
O'BRIEN, Margaret Mary 2010 August
SARICH, Paul Winston 2010 August
SIGNORILE, Alessandro (Sandro) 2010 August
DREYER, Gary 2010 September
SARICH, Paul Winston 2010 September
MIAS, James (Jim) 2010 October
FRIDAY, Gerald 2010 November
GARLICK, Bruce 2010 November
GIFFARD, Nicholas 2010 November
MARSHALL, Caroline 2010 December
MITCHELL, Adam 2010 December
STUBBS, Robert Douglas (Bob) 2010 December
VERGONE, Joseph Anthony (Joe) 2010 December
HITCHEN, Anne Veronica 2011 January
ROSE, Christopher (Chris) 2011 January
THOMPSON, James R. 2011 January
TRACEY, Paul 2011 January
WARBURTON, Jack 2011 March
GOODALL, Maureen Ann 2011 May
TORRES, Luis Enas Da Rocha 2011 May
KATSUMI, Sugihara Hirouki (Hiro) 2011 June 8
KATSUMI, Sugihara Hirouki (Hiro) 2011 June 22
CHAM, Sam 2011 July
STANLEY, Warren Norman 2011 July
SUTHERLAND, Dale James 2011 July
JENKINS, Frank 2011 August
MATTHEWSON, Jeffery David 2011 August
PISTOLA, Ben 2011 August
PAYNE, Michael 2011 October
SCHOPPE, Damian Glen 2011 October
CASSIDY, Noel 2011 November
WATERS, Mike 2011 November
MACPHERSON, Patrick (Pat) 2011 December
HARDIE, Lance Ernest 2012 January
RISTOVICHIS, Victor William (Vic) 2012 January
EATON, Ronan Dean 2012 February
WOOTLIFF, Judy 2012 March
COLE, Brendon 2012 April
BANFIELD, Alastair John 2012 May
BURTON, Brent 2012 May
ROBINSON, Dean 2012 June
VAN Der BRUGGHEN, Allan 2012 June
KING, Harley Andrew (Harley) 2012 July
STANLEY, Warren Norman 2012 July
GRANT, Lindsay Boyd 2012 August
HANSEN, Eric Leslie 2012 August
HERON, Leslie John (Les) 2012 August
CARTWRIGHT, Greg 2012 September
PERROTT, Michael 2012 September
HOMEWOOD, Margaret Gwen (Gwen) 2012 October
WOOD, Aidan 2012 October
CULLEN, Peter Anthony 2012 November
DOHERTY, Beverly 2012 November
JOHNSON, Ian 2012 November
GILLESPIE, Mick 2012 December
CAIRNDUFF, Samuel James (Sam) 2013 January
CRAIG, Michael 2013 January
SZABO, Mark Steven 2013 February
WOOD, Aidan 2013 February
CAMPBELL, Vicky Asenath 2013 April
REYNOLDS, William Percival (Bill) 2013 April
NG, Daniel 2013 June
BUCHANAN, Billy 2013 July
DRIMATIS, George 2013 July
FOSTER, Barry William 2013 July
PEGRUM, Robert Walter (Bob) 2013 July
MCLEVY, Jamie 2013 August
BANCROFT, Hayden Chistopher 2013 September
EGINTON, Michael (Mike) 2013 October
VAN DER WALT, Cheryl Thisbe 2013 October
KUA, Frank 2013 November
HARRIS, Deb 2014 January
MOLONY, Graeme 2014 January
RUSSELL, Kevin John 2014 January
WARD, Lindsay 2014 January
LUSARDI, Roberto 2014 February
SMITH, Des 2014 February
UHLENBERG, Heinz Guenter 2014 February
LIPTROTT, Pauline 2014 March
POLETTI, Allan 2014 March
STUBBS, Michael Phillip (Mike) 2014 March
GALE, Tim 2014 April
HOMEWOOD, Maxwell John (Max) 2014 April
MARSHALL, Gregory Elms (Greg) 2014 April
O'DONNELL, Michael John 2014 April
HITCHEN, Gregory James (Greg) 2014 May
WINDSOR, Ron 2014 May
BURTON, Don 2014 June
HILLS, Matthew Kevin (Matt) 2014 June
STUBBS, Robert Douglas (Bob) 2014 July
HARRIS, Nigel 2014 August
KOJIC, Romeo 2014 August
ELLIFFE, J. (Johnny) 2014 October
FITZPATRICK, Frank 2014 October
VAUGHAN, James Robert (Jim) 2014 October
BRAY, Igor 2014 November
JOWETT, Dianne (Di) 2014 November
LIUBICICH, Eric Anthony (Rick) 2014 November
MATH, Leonard 2014 November
POOLEY, Edward (Ted) 2014 November
VAN Der BRUGGHEN, Allan 2014 November
DUGGAN, Glenda Faye 2014 December
MARTIN, Russell Ernest 2014 December
STEEL, Valerie 2014 December
TAN, Frank E. H. 2015 January
GARDULA, Andrew 2015 June
BLAIR, Paul 2015 July
BOGGS, Peter Graeme 2015 September
SMITH, Andrew 2015 September
FIELD, John 2015 October
MATHER, Amanda 2015 October
POWELL, Ian Robert 2015 October
SEARLES, Anne Mary 2015 October
EATON, Ronan Dean 2015 November
NORTHROP, Janine 2015 November
CHISOLM, Roy 2015 December
RICE, Robert 2015 December
WATTERS, Simon 2016 January
ROCHE, Martin Paul 2016 February
O'NEILL, James Francis (Jim) 2016 March
WALKER, Bradley 2016 March
MOSES, Susan (Sue) 2016 April
WONG, Joyce 2016 April
PETKOVICH, Michael John (Mike) 2016 May
FOSTER, Kathleen Belle (Kathy) 2016 June
NORQUAY, Kenneth Gordon (Ken) 2016 June
POWELL, Ian Robert 2016 June
PEGRUM, Robert Walter (Bob) 2016 July
ANNANDALE, Barry Lisle 2016 August
COTTON, Ian William 2016 August
ELLIFFE, J. (Johnny) 2016 August
RISTOVICHIS, Victor William (Vic) 2016 August
WILSON, Jane 2016 November
CHERUBINO, Pete 2016 December
HUSSEIN, Zach 2016 December
LILLEY, Nigel 2016 December
WILLIAMS, Trevor 2016 December
OLIVER, Michael John (Mike) 2017 January
WATTERS, Simon 2017 January
SANTINI, Nick 2017 February
MILLER, Lou 2017 April
SARICH, Paul Winston 2017 May
TAYLOR, Bradley Robert (Brad) 2017 May
STEEL, Valerie 2017 June
HOLDSWORTH, Karen 2017 July
SARICH, Paul Winston 2017 August
WATERS, Mike 2017 August
WATTERS, Jenny 2017 September
CONNOR, Pauline 2017 November
TRAVAGLIONE, Carmine 2017 November
WILLIAMS, Trevor 2017 November
HANNAH, Ian Maxwell (Max) 2017 December
WARBURTON, Max 2017 December
WATTS, Craig 2018 January
MOORE, Allan 2018 February
MCCLOSKEY, Derrick 2018 March
STRONGMAN, Kevin James 2018 March
SMITH, Phillip Charles (Phil) 2018 April
HOLDSWORTH, Karen 2018 July
RYAN, Greg 2018 July
OLIVER, Michael John (Mike) 2018 August
ANNEAR, Donald Edward (Don) 2018 September
DOYLE, Colin 2018 September
CLARKSON, Simon 2018 October
ELLIFFE, J. (Johnny) 2018 October
GROSS, Harry 2018 October
WHYTE, Brian 2018 October
GILLESPIE, Mick 2018 November
SHIN, Kyong Sook (Sook) 2018 December
CHEN, Celine 2019 January
DAVIES, Julie 2019 January
GOWLAND, David Campbell 2019 January
CROPPER, Dorothy Catherina 2019 February
LEE, Con 2019 March
MYUNG, Kum Sook 2019 March
LUNDSTROM, Mike 2019 May
WARBURTON, Dennis 2019 June
PARK, Jaewon (Tommy) 2019 August
SARICH, Paul Winston 2019 August
WILL, Shane 2019 August
FAHEY, Martin 2019 September
MORPHETT, Richard 2019 October
ZHANG, S. 2019 October
GOODSELL, Stephen Clayton (Steve) 2019 November
LAURENSON, R. 2019 December
SARICH, Paul Winston 2019 December
THOMAS, Alan Edward 2020 January
ROCHELLE, Frank 2020 February
BYHAM, Derek 2020 March
GROSS, Harry 2020 May
MCVEY, Leanne 2020 June
WHEATLEY, Michael 2020 June
BLORE, Andrew 2020 July
LINTON, Rod 2020 August
RANFORD, Jamie 2020 August
CORBITT, Ashley 2020 September
PEARSON, Mike 2020 October
SMITH, Adele 2020 November
YOUNCHANG, Kim 2020 November
BOYNES, Mike 2020 December
VAN DER BRUGGHEN, Shirley Ann 2020 December
GILL, Sam 2021 January
MCVEY, Leanne 2021 January
WILLIAMS, Wright 2021 January
TAYLOR, Bradley Robert (Brad) 2021 May
SHEATHER, Matt 2021 June
WATSON, Graeme 2021 June
OLIVER, Paul 2021 July
RUSSELL, Ian James 2021 August
CORBETT, Haydn 2021 September
FISKER, Kent 2021 October
MOWER, Chris 2021 October
THOMAS, Alan Edward 2021 October
NELSON, Miles 2021 November
WESTCOTT, Charles 2021 November
BURGESS, Mark 2021 December
LILLEY, Nigel 2021 December
MERRYWEATHER, David James 2021 December
AINDOW, Jon 2022 January
WATT, Brian 2022 February
MURPHY, Mark James 2022 April
WINDSOR, Ron 2022 April
WONG, Harry 2022 April
WEST, Doug 2022 May
BENNETT, Steve 2022 June
WILLIAMS, Terri-Anne 2022 June
JIN, Ken 2022 July
LUNDSTROM, Mike 2022 July
MATTHEWSON, Jeffery David 2022 July
THORNCROFT, Owen 2022 July
CRAIG, Michael 2022 September
HALDEN, Rob 2022 October
WONG, Harry 2022 November
TALBOT, Neil 2022 December
PICKLES, Michael 2023 January
REGO, Len 2023 January
TAN, Tyzton 2023 March
ISAILOVIC, Bruno 2023 May
JIN, Ken 2023 May
MARHUNGANE, Rob 2023 May
ABBASI, Umer 2023 June
BALL, Dave 2023 July
SUTANTO, Andy 2023 July
MARSH, Dean 2023 December
SCOTT, Barry David 2024 January
THOMAS, Phillip Mark (Phil) 2024 January
TUCKER, Graham 2024 February
KIVELHAN, Scott 2024 March
THELANDER, Christopher 2024 March
GLIDDON, Bruce Howard 2024 May
HUMPHRY, Peter 2024 May
Holes in One
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Holes in One at Melville Glades Report - 2017
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