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Pencil sketch, contained within ruled borders, of the three Royal Navy cruisers, HMS Powerful, Encounter and Challenger. They are in Princess Royal Harbour. (The port sides of all three ships are facing the artist, so the hulls could be concealing the starboard anchors.) The artist is facing SE, possibly from the town jetty. The tug 'The Bruce', is referenced in the margin, but is not included in the sketch.

All three ships are pointing NE. On the left half of the sketch, Encounter is partly concealing the much larger Powerful, while only the forward half of Challenger is visible at the RH edge of the sketch. Midway between the stern of Powerful and the stem of Challenger the abstract shape of a funnel, which is similar to The Bruce's funnel is abstractly sketched, rising vertically from close to the bottom edge with its funnel shaped top just above the skyline.

Historical information

This sketch would have formed the basis for a more complete watercolour in inks and gouache intended for use in post card publishing. As were many of the other works by the Batelier Bros. The post card based on this work can be viewed
here D1999.104.



Registration number
Item type
447 mm
Height or length
274 mm
Inscriptions and markings

Pencilled notes are made in small cursive writing within the edges of the sketch, and below the sea horizon in the sketch, as follows:- between the LH edge and the stem of Powerful - 'Pinnace', which labels a small launch; 'Powerful' is written in line with the visible forward half of that ship; 'Encounter' is written in line with the three funnels of that ship. Close to the bottom border, at the LH side, 'Powerful, Encounter & Challenger's Searchlights at Work' is located. Close to the RH lower corner,'C.J. Batelier' and 'Albany' are located.

Outside the sketch borders more pencilled notes, also in cursive text, are located as follows:- 'Challenger' close to the RH edge and the ship of that name; close to the middle of the top border 'In 8 hours too early'.

Between the LH edge of the sketch and the LH edge of the paper, using the LH edge of the paper as the text horizontal, 'View with boats reversed and Bruce in Lefthand Corner' is written in larger cursive text, above '(Powe & ???? Only)' and 'Sunday Feb 3rd 07'.

Between the bottom edge of the sketch and the bottom edge of the paper, using the bottom edge of the paper as the text horizontal, in line with the space between the stern of Powerful and the stem of Challenger, 'Pinnace' is written in small cursive text and ' 123/8 X 77/8 or 11 X 7', is printed below the RH corner of the sketch.

Between the RH edge of the sketch and the RH edge of the paper, using the RH edge of the paper as the text horizontal, 'Masts & funnels where washed light gray) is written.

Place made
Western Australia
Albany Historical Society Inc

Albany Historical Society Inc

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