Six B/W prints of a bus accident in Loch Street near Bedford Street. (a) Bus with white top, dark lower body and sign on side of roof [PERTH-CLAREMONT-FREMANTLE] is in the garden of a weatherboard house. It has demolished the window area of the building . Two men are looking at the damage, a small child is 'pushing' the bus and an older boy is looking on. Two bicycles are leaning against the rail of the cyclone fence behind which is a hedge. (b) 'View of the scene from the garden where the damaged window shade is lying on the lawn. A number of onlookers are surveying damage and planks are being placed behind bus. (c ) Side view of bus showing damage to front of house. Two men in shirt sleeves, and waistcoats partly obscure the [METRO] sign on the bus and another is lying down partly under it. (d) View from adjoining property with bus partly hidden by close picket fence. (e) Shows damage to house when bus was removed. A man stands in the hole in the wall and a man and a woman are in the garden. (f) View of damaged house from a distance . In the foreground shrubs and grasses partly obscure the Perth-Fremantle taxi of Herbert Foss Tonkin.

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Bus was said to have been on its way to'Claremont Girls' High School'.



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