1980 - 1991

Long, thin, heavy, rubber and plastic riot stick. Long, cylindrical shaft made from solid black plastic, measuring 30mm in diameter and 610mm long, with rounded ends. Attached at a right angle from the shaft is a solid black plastic handle, with multiple ridges and a large, round, bulbus end. A circular black rubber grip is attached to the end of the handle. Moulded into the opposite sides of the shaft is, 'Monadnock PR-245' and 'U.S. PATENT No.230.150 OTHER MADE IN U.S.A. PAT'S PEND./ FITZWILLIAM N.H. 03447'. Stamped into the surface along the shaft is 'PETER R. MOORE'.

Historical information

The donor was the last Superintendent of Fremantle Prison when it closed in 1991. Prior to this, he was a member of staff at the Prisons Department Staff Training College from 1986 to 1988. This riot stick belonged to the donor and is inscribed with his name. All trainees at the College were given a similar riot stick for their personal use during training.

In February 2001, former Senior Prison Officer David Campbell advised curatorial staff on the baton, stating its proper name was PR 24, and its common name was a Riot Stick. This style of riot stick was used from the 1980s onwards and was used by the Metropolitan Security Unit. Sometimes it was also used and carried within Fremantle Prison when needed.



Registration number
Item type
610 mm
Height or length
170 mm
30 mm
Inscriptions and markings

'Monadnock PR-245', 'U.S. PATENT No.230.150 OTHER MADE IN U.S.A. PAT'S PEND./ FITZWILLIAM N.H. 03447', 'PETER R. MOORE'

Contextual Information

General staff was not given a personal riot stick but they were available for use should the need arise. At Fremantle Prison riot equipment was kept in the old PWD store in the Gatehouse.

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