c. 1900

A faded black and white photo of the Union Steam Flour Mill on Clinton Street, Toodyay which was built of galvanised iron.
The lower ground level area has a peaked roof windowed loft above which also contains a wind-vane central to the roof. On the lower outer wall, in large letters, is the name of the mill.
Its situation was in Clinton Street on the lower side of the Old Gaol.
Two men are standing at the entrance door and a water tank is between the two buildings.
A residence can be seen behind a picket fence on the other side of the gaol and also on the same street above this is another residence. The hill at the back is covered in trees, now known as Pelham Reserve.
On side of building are the words Union Steam Flour Mill.

Historical information

Charles Marris and Sons Flour Mill, built 1887, still running in 1891.
Noted on pages 705 & 706 in 'Twentieth Century Impressions of WA' (published 1901):
'The Union Flour Mill is one of the most complete of its kind in Western Australia. On the ground floor are three double sets of rollers (three being break-rollers and three reduction-rollers), one scourer, and a packer capable of filling bags of varying sizes from 7lbs to 200lbs. The second floor is devoted to three flour reels, a bran duster, purifier, separator, wheat bin, and collectors. On the next floor are a sack-hoist, four flour dressers, twelve sets of elevators, and shafting, the whole of the machinery being driven by an engine of 12 h.p. In connection with this business, Mr. Marris also established a sawmill and a cycling building and repairing establishment.



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Charles Marris had been employed as miller by Daniel Connor from around 1870, for his newly constructed mill in the township of Newcastle (now known as Toodyay).
Marris left Connor's mill in 1887 to establish his own milling business on Clinton Street, Newcastle next to the old gaol.
A fire destroyed Marris' mill a decade or so later, possibly around the turn of the century but this date has yet to be confirmed. (Note: another photo in the Shire of Toodyay collection 2001.1250 appears to show the mill under demolition in 1917.)
In 1902 Charles Marris purchased Connor's mill from his deceased estate and conducted his milling operations from those premises from then on. The mill shown in this photograph was not rebuilt.

c. 1900
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