1926 - 1938

Body is a rectangular section shaft with block approximately the shape of a cross pein hammer. The moveable jaw is a similar shape and is moved along the by knurled and threaded mechanism which in this case is stripped. The mechanism is retained by a collar with a wooden handle fitted and held by a threaded collar.

There is text across the head denoting the manufacturer and the firms location. The Agricultural Wrench is known in America as a Monkey Wrench. An agricultural wrench is used to fasten nuts and bolts.

Historical information

Tools used by Charles Duncan in his Blacksmith and Wheelright shop. The shop was called Duncan & McNamee and was located on the corner of Jull Street and Third Road, Armadale. It was open from 1926-1938.
The manufacturer Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co specialised in tool making.



Registration number
4.5000 cm
Height or length
17.3000 cm
1.7000 cm
Inscriptions and markings

Text [P.S. & W. CO / CLEVELAND. O. / U.S.A.]

Place made
United States
Year End
Statement of significance

This object is part of a collection that represents the commercial history of the City of Armadale. It represents the many different businesses that have operated in the local area and how those businesses have evolved over time. Businesses play an important role within a community, they provide wanted and needed goods and services, employment, income and opportunities to the local community. They can also operate as important social connectors, places where people gathered and engaged with other members of the community.

Comparative significance criteria
Interpretive capacity
Rare or representative
Well provenanced
City of Armadale - History House

City of Armadale - History House

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Boy scouts lining up on road outside wooden building. Sign on top of building with D. J. Davidson printed across the top

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