c. 1875 - 1945

Rectangular wooden box with a lid hinged to open to the rear. The interior of the case is divided into a large rectangular compartment at the front and four smaller ones at the back and a drawer slot below. Within the lid there is a blue padded velveteen flap which is held in position by a clasp and folds down to provide a writing surface, this action reveals pad held in the lid by a spring. The lid and front have an inlay of mother of pearl and copper in a floral pattern.

Historical information

The writing case was obtained by Alfred in the United Kingdom (probably London as that was where their family lived) before 1876 when he and his older brother William left the UK for WA following the death of their father. The two boys spent time working in Perth before being granted land around Forrestdale Lake in January 1 1885. The William and Alfred were two of the first European to move to the district and grew vegetables on their property which were sold in Fremantle.
InFebruary 1912 Alfred married Lillian Dumsday. In 1913 they had their first child Alfred George Skeet, followed by Laura (1913), Margery (1915), William Clive (1917, died Jan 1918) & Lillian Ursula (1919). That same year he led a campaign to get a telephone facility set up around Forrestdale which was installed in 1918 and for the erection of a Community Hall on Forrest Road, opposite the East Jandakot railway station. As chairman of the hall building committee Alfred opened the new hall in May 1914. He also represented the district on the Armadale Kelmscott Road Board in 1929
Alfred died in 1945 and is buried in Fremantle Cemetery, in same plot as his brother William who died in 1918.



Registration number
22.5000 cm
Height or length
17.1000 cm
30.6000 cm
c. 1875 - 1945
Statement of significance

This object is part of a collection of items associated with a person or family who have played a significant role in the economic, community or social development of the City of Armadale. This can include holding key political or social positions within the community, being a key contributor or member of a community organisation, a strong contributor to improving the well-being of the local community, a prominent figure in a local business or industry, developer of new industries or activities or someone who grew up in the area and moved away and had a noteworthy career or life.

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Image showing the top of a rectangular wooden box with a close up view of the lid, which has  an inlay of mother of pearl and copper in a floral pattern

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