c. 1880 - 1900

Wooden box with hinged lid, brass hinges, sickle-shaped clasps on the outside of the box and blue velvet lining on the inner base. The box contains a metal, wood and fabric model larynx in two parts that fit together to stand upright in the box. It also includes a removable, padded pink velvet tongue.

A paper label is adhered to the inside of the lid and reads 'Fifty Laryngoscopical Conditions'. They are listed below.

The numbered conditions correspond with a set of delicate, hand painted illustrations on discs to illustrate various conditions of the larynx. The interchangeable paper discs can be inserted in a slit in the model.

One set of oval paper discs are numbered 7-33 and 36-42.

A second set of round paper discs are mounted on thin flat white metal rods with round, black wooden handles for inserting into the model. They have illustrations on both sides and handwritten numbers 1(on one side) and 1a (on the other side) through to 6 and 6a. Discs 34 and 35 also have handles.

Historical information

Boxed model larynx for teaching laryngoscopy, a procedure for viewing the larynx and detecting abnormalities.



Registration number
Item type
140 mm
Height or length
270 mm
100 mm
Inscriptions and markings

A paper label attached to the inside lid of the wooden case reads:

'Fifty Laryngoscopal Conditions
(The various conditions are numbered and listed below the title)
F. Davidson & Co
29 Great Portland Street London, W’

Contextual Information

This unusual medical teaching aid was designed to help medical students recognise conditions of the larynx or voice box and practice their laryngoscopy technique. The hand painted discs were inserted in the 'throat' to represent fifty different conditions.

The students examined the larynx to diagnose the conditions.

c. 1880 - 1900
Statement of significance

This is a rare and unusual example of a larynx model from the early 20th Century and is preserved in excellent condition. The small, interchangeable colour illustrations are in excellent condition with vibrant colour and detail. The item is of historic, scientific and aesthetic significance. It illustrates advances in medicine and healthcare, and provides insight into the experiences of doctors and medical students.

Primary significance criteria
Historic significance
Scientific or research significance
Comparative significance criteria
Interpretive capacity
Object’s condition or completeness
Rare or representative
Public Location
RPH Museum Room 2106
Royal Perth Hospital Museum

Royal Perth Hospital Museum

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Model Larynx Teaching Aid
Model larynx teaching aid with illustrated discs representing laryngoscopical conditions
Model Larynx Teaching Aid Illustrated discs
Set of illustrated discs representing a healthy or a diseased larynx which can be inserted in the 'throat' of the teaching aid.
Model larynx teaching aid, dismantled and stored in wooden box
Model larynx teaching aid dismantled and stored in original box. Fifty laryngoscopical conditions are listed on a label attached to the underside of the lid.

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