c. 1960

Elongated, rectangular banner where the threads have been pulled through a base frame to produce a design on the light fawn coloured back ground, edged with royal blue ribbon and hung by a similar coloured cord.
Two bands of light blue are at the top and bottom of the banner and have [C.W.A] (top) and [ARMADALE] (bottom) embroidered in white thread. The circular centre piece represents a bucollic scene.
The banner is finished with a backing material in light blue.

Historical information

The Armadale branch of the CWA started in 1935. It had its branch office in Prospect Street Armadale. It had many local women as members who at the time helped support the local community, which was still a rural community. It was an important social club as well for local women to participate in.
In 1982, the club moved to a new branch office in Avonlee street. Over the next 27 years, membership declined and eventually the club was forced to close.



Registration number
Item type
323 mm
Height or length
553 mm
13 mm
c. 1960
Statement of significance

This object is part of a significant collection that represents the role the Country Women's Association (CWA) played in the region as a social support network and campaigner for the rights and empowerment for local women. The CWA was formed in 1922 and a branch started in Western Australia in 1924. The organisation played a role improving country health services through extensive campaigning and fund-raising as well as providing welfare and support for members of rural communities during times of economic and social stress.

Comparative significance criteria
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Rare or representative
Well provenanced
City of Armadale - History House

City of Armadale - History House

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Reverse side of tapestry pennant. The material is light blue colour with dark blue edging around the outside. The pennant is hung by a dark blue cord.

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