2024 golf fixture book.

The book is ring bound and contains 153 pages.

Pages 1 to 13 include:

  • Office Bearers and Staff
  • Club Vision, Mission, Commitments
  • Foreword
  • Staff Priority Policy
  • Reciprocal Clubs
  • Rules of Ready Golf
  • Complaints
  • Dress Standards
  • Extracts from the Constitution and By Laws
  • Courtesy and Etiquette
  • Competitions (playing days for Men and Women)
  • First Aid Information
  • Course Care Guide

Pages 14 to 122 list fixtures

Pages 123 to 130 list pennant fixtures

Pages 131 to 153 (the members directory) have been removed from the digital version for security reasons.

Club sponsors appear on the inside front and rear pages and amongst the fixture pages.

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Melville Glades Golf Club

Melville Glades Golf Club

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