Fixture Books

Within the archive database this topic provides a common link for all the club's Fixture Books.
Fixture books are produced annually, primarily to convey the golfing fixtures for the year, and may also inlcude:
  • committee member positions and names
  • names of key club personnel such as the manager, bar manager, club professional and course superintendent
  • club sponsors
  • club etiquette
  • member names and contact numbers  
Up to 2010 the books exist as hardcopy only. No scanning of the hardcopy content has been conducted to date.
Since 2010 the books exist as pdf documents. Copies of these files are attached to each book’s record and the content is searchable.
Hardcopy versions of every fixture book published by the club are available.
The primary copy of each book is maintained as the preservation copy and is not normally made available for display. The Accession ID for these primary copies ends with ”.1”.
Second, and sometimes third copies of most books are available for display. The Accession ID for these copies ends with ”.2” and “.3” respectively.