c. 1897

Mantle clock with upright rectangular decorative wood case and early 'Jump Hour' mechanism. Instead of what had become the conventional sweep dial, the jump-hour, featured two windows in an enamel dial, through which the hours and minutes are visible on rotating cylinders.
Sits on bevelled edged base. Top has extended bevelled edge on front and both ends and upright carved back. Left front knob missing. Turned and decorated wood in pillars extend between top and base. Left side pillar reversed and circular wood button missing from upper front of pillar. Round clock face set into rectangular decorated front panel. Across top of face is printed. 'PATENT' below are situated 3 square windows. Revealing numbers. The first is marked 'HOURS' - the remaining two are marked 'MINUTES'. At bottom area of face is a circle with small hand. Circle marked off in seconds 15-30-45-60. Clock base has bevelled edges, a diamond shape carved into centre front with. '>>><><<<' pattern at each side. Instructions on paper label adhered to inside of rear cabinet door.

Historical information

Used by Reeves' Family.



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260 mm
Height or length
400 mm
150 mm
c. 1897
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Albany Historical Society Inc

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Mantle Clock
Mantle Clock side view.

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