Invalid Cup

1914 - 1919

Plain white china feeding cup, provided with a handle and long pouring spout at right angles to each other. There is a scalloped half-cover over the cup to prevent spillage, with a Red Cross transfer located on the cover, which is also simply decorated with a narrow gold border. The mouth of the spout is similarly decorated.

Historical information

Brought back from the First World War it was used by the nurses to provide a suitable server to wounded soldiers that were bedridden.



Registration number
Item type
134 mm
Height or length
156 mm
71 mm
Inscriptions and markings

'Red Cross' on top, gold decorative highlights on body and spout, with '1315a' on base

Contextual Information

This piece is part of the 'Ellam-Innes Collection'. The collection was a personal ambition of Allan and Raye Ellam that started in 1992. They wished to name all the men of the 11th Battalion 3rd Brigade AIF that are on the Great pyramid of Cheops photograph, dated 10th January 1915. With over 20 years of research, the collection expanded from just the 11th Battalion to all Western Australian battalions and regiments from the First World War. It now contains thousands of photographs, stories and objects, and is a notable resource to military researchers and historians.

Place made
United Kingdom
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Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum

Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum

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Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup - top
Top view of the Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup
Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup - side
Side view of the Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup
Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup - base
Base view of the Red Cross Invalid Feeding Cup

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