Small, beige paper 'Perth Hospital Xray Appeal' raffle ticket with a green border and black lettering. The ticket is discoloured due to age and has paper loss at the edges. Behind the lettering is a green design featuring the outline of an Xray machine, medical instruments, and a circular shape with treating rays emitting from it. It has an accompanying handmade green-brown cardboard envelope to protect it.

The ticket reads: “X Ray Appeal for the renewal of and for the treatment of cancer in the Perth Hospital. Every ticket draws a prize !! Monster Prize Distribution. Prizes will be available for collection at depots in Perth between the 10th and the 15th October 1932, the addresses of which you will be notified through the press. The Hospital cannot undertake to pay postage of Freight on Prizes. Do not destroy ticket attached to your prize. It may be valuable! X ray shots 1/ - each, Chas. A. Cornish. Organiser Perth Hospital, No. 9332.”

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125 mm
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110 mm
5 mm
Contextual Information

Two raffle tickets were found in a home in East Fremantle owned for many years by Matron Bathgate where she reportedly ran a hospital next door.

Statement of significance

This item has historic and social significance. The raffle ticket illustrates the struggles of the hospital over the decades to secure funding, and public appeals to raise revenue for the hospital. It has interpretive value in telling the story of the development of the X-ray Department. It is rare Perth Hospital ephemera from the 1930s in excellent visual condition.

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Room 2019
Royal Perth Hospital Museum

Royal Perth Hospital Museum

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X Ray Appeal Raffle Ticket 1932

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