Small, thin, modified stainless steel table knife shiv. Small, thin, stainless steel table knife with a long, thin, metal blade, which as been sharpened along both edges with a sharp point at the end. The handle of the knife has been covered in yellow masking tape, which has been wound around the handle.

Historical information

Provenanced to Fremantle Prison.



Registration number
Item type
2.4000 cm
Height or length
21.8000 cm
Inscriptions and markings

Inscribed on blade: 'STAINLESS STEEL / JAPAN'.

Contextual Information

Everyday innocuous items that have been modified by prisoners to turn them into weapons, are known in prison slang as a 'shiv'.

Primary significance criteria
Historic significance
Artistic or aesthetic significance
Scientific or research significance
Social or spiritual significance
Comparative significance criteria
Interpretive capacity
Object’s condition or completeness
Rare or representative
Well provenanced
Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Organisation Details
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