(a) Small, round, silver, stainless steel handcuffs. Made of silver coloured stainless steel, comprising two expanding and contracting, circular, stainless steel wrist restraints separated by two metal chain links. Each wrist restraint is embossed with 'SMALL ARMS FACTORY' surrounding the letter 'A' in a star on one side, and the numbers '6752' on the other.

(b) Small, thin, grey metal key with attached keyring. Long, thin, cylindrical piece of metal with a small square of metal attached to one end. At the opposite end is a oval shaped piece of metal, with a thin, grey metal ring looped through.

(c) Small, dark brown, leather pouch for Prison Officer's handcuffs. Small, square leather pouch with rounded corners. The front has a flap opening, with a small, metal button in the centre to secure it closed. On the back of the pouch is a small, rectangular, brown leather loop secured with a round metal button, so the pouch can be secured to a belt.

Historical information

These handcuffs were used at Woorooloo Prison Farm and Fremantle Prison.



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Contextual Information

Makers Mark 'SMALL ARMS FACTORY' relates to the Lithgow small arms factory in New South Wales, run by the Australian Government. This factory produced various armaments and handcuffs. The factory began making SAF LOK handcuffs in 1934. Please refer to: lithgowsafmuseum.org.au/history.html

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Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

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