Jug - Beer, Majestic Hotel, c.1964


Glass beer jug with 'Hotel Majestic' engraved into the glass.

Historical information

Perhaps one of the most loved hotels in Melville due to its tranquil location was the Majestic Hotel, which was demolished in 1989. Situated on Point Dundas (Aboriginal name Moundaup), it was originally named the Hotel Melville, and was built by A.P Matheson in 1897 to entice landowners to the Applecross foreshore. In 1912 it was described as one of the finest residential hotels in the Commonwealth, with a dining room capable of seating 100 people, in addition to drawing, reading and smoking rooms. It was renamed The Majestic by licensee Thomas Stack in 1925, and remained in his family until it closed its doors in 1981. During World War 2 it was used as a rest point for American forces. After 1981, it endured mixed fortunes, until it was finally purchased by the Bond Corporation which used it as a centre for the America’s Cup Challenge in the 1980s, before demolishing it for redevelopment. The hotel site, being perched upon an idyllic point adjacent to the river, was also used as a favourite picnic spot where people would enjoy crabbing, fishing and prawning.



Registration number
Item type
200 mm
Height or length
200 mm
140 mm
Inscriptions and markings

'Hotel Majestic' engraved into the glass.

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