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Jack was born on the 18th February 1903 in the town of Pasjok on the border of what is now Croatia and Austria and emigrated before the Great Depression at the age of 18. He came to Donnelly in 1953 and was employed as a faller in the Karri bush. Jack initially worked alone in the bush at Donnelly, felling logs first by hand and then using a Dennis Frag Saw.

When the mill closed, everybody packed their things and moved away, the last one to leave was the mill manager. No one had the heart to turn Jack out of his cottage. Jack lived in his cottage until 1997 when his health started to deteriorate and he moved into Bridgetown hospital until his death on the 14th September 1999 aged 96.

There is more to learn about Jack through the Friends of Donnelly museum and Heritage Trail located at Donnelly River.



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Jack Surina was a well loved character of Donnelly and a worker of the mill. His story depicts of being a migrant in the timber milling era of the 1950's, the tools used to fell the giant Karri trees of this time and his life at Donnelly after the mill closed in June 1978.

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Donnelly River, Shire of Nannup
Western Australia
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Jack Surina
Jack Surina, from Yugoslavia, carries a "spoon" used to attach towing ropes to huge fallen Karri logs from the Karri forests located near Donnelly in the southwest region of Western Australia in the 1950's.

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