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Capel School C1905


Black and white photographs mounted on card.

List of names (girls)
Back Row: Eva Williams, Maisie Summers, Catherine Turner, Gussie Bentley.
Row 2: Ethel Payne (teacher), Ivy Hannaby, Ivy Lang, Connie Bentley, Flo Lamming.
Row 3: Madge Walpole, Chrissie Walpole, Rita Lamming, Violet Lang, Ellen Scott.

List of names (boys)
Back row: Loftus Bentley, ? ? ? , Frank Bentley
Row 2: Clarence Turner, Cyril Payne, … Williams, … Williams (Charles and George).
Row 3: Gordon McTaggart, Ernest Summers, T Lamming, Arthur Anderson, McLean, Clarence Delaporte, Fred Delaporte, Wilfred Hutton.
Sitting in front: George E Payne, Manwell Bentley.

Historical information

Two photos taken circa 1905 depicting male and female students.



Registration number
cwa-org-54-[IMG02] [IMG05]
Item type
Contextual Information

Early representation of schools in the district.

Primary School
Western Australia
Primary significance criteria
Social or spiritual significance
Shire of Capel

Shire of Capel

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Capel School C1905
Capel School C1905
Capel School c1905
Capel School c1905 boys