Winged Figure


Winged figure sculpture

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Frequent commuters along Connolly Drive in Ridgewood may recognise this stunning winged sculpture created by renowned artist and sculptor Tony Jones. Standing at five metres tall, Winged Figure is constructed from steel and timber and is located in Tarbert Park. A connection to the wind is a common thread among a range of Tony’s sculptures, and when asked about the sculpture Tony replied “I like the idea that by observing the direction of the wind, you can learn something about the weather. i.e. if it is facing east, it is likely to be a warm sunny day, facing south west, a cool breeze is in, and if north west, possibly rain…”
The head of the sculpture was made for another project almost 20 years ago and was stolen a few days after installation. Tony then had to make another head to replace the stolen one. Years later, the stolen head was returned and it was given a new lease of life by being reworked into what became Winged Figure.



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5000 mm
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Tarbert Park, Ridgewood
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