Painting on tin of Port Irwin (Denison), second in series

c. 1890

Painted by local tinsmith Tom Reynolds on a sheet of tin, showing dirt road running past small hut to three warehouses. Woman with parasol stands with man on jetty. In distance, obelisk on hill.

Historical information

The artist Tom Reynolds was the son of Peter and Harriet Reynolds, and was born on the local farm of Wimpole. Tom was a tinsmith, photographer and undertaker and resided in Smith St Dongara. His father was policeman at Irwin then owned Bookara Inn.



Registration number
Item type
680 mm
Height or length
460 mm
Contextual Information

The painting is important because it is the first rendition of Port Denison foreshore in the IDHS collection. All built structures in the image were constructed by convict labour. It is also an example of a tradesman using their skills and available materials in variable ways (eg tinsmith painting on tin). IDHS holds other items made by Reynolds n its collection eg IROB0276 tin bath, IROB1409 galvanised iron milk separator, and IROB1394 galvanised iron water can and spouts.

Place made
Western Australia
c. 1890
Primary significance criteria
Artistic or aesthetic significance
Historic significance
Social or spiritual significance
Comparative significance criteria
Rare or representative
Irwin Districts Historical Society

Irwin Districts Historical Society

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Dirt road leads past small hut to three warehouses. Woman and man on jetty, obelisk on hill (right).
Dirt road runs past small hut to three warehouses positioned near foreshore. Woman with parasol stands on jetty with man. In distance, right, obelisk on hill.

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