Market in Chefchaouen


Abstract, landscape painting in acrylics on unprimed canvas. The background is a blend of white and beige hues, adorned with what appears to be palm trees in the upper region, portrayed with trunks in shades of blue, green, and brown, crowned with leaves in shades of blue and green. Dominating the centre is a bold swath of red, spanning a significant portion of the canvas. The lower section features multiple of colours and abstract forms. Positioned at the bottom centre is a checkerboard-style pattern in black and white, accompanied by an arch painted in blue with accents of red and white

Historical information

Winner of WA Week Invitation Art Award (1985). Chefchaouen is a city in Northwest Morocco.



Registration number
89.5000 cm
Height or length
109.5000 cm
Contextual Information

Sieglinde Battley was born in the town of Gumbinnen in East Prussia, which at the time was a part of Germany and is now called Gusev and is a part of Russia. During most of her childhood and early adult years, she lived in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, where she studied graphic design at Kunstschule Carlo Ruppert. She lived and worked in Norway, Indonesia and Iran before settling in Australia in 1978. Sieglinde Battley holds a BA of Arts (Fine Arts) from Curtin University and a Diploma of Fine Arts from WA School of Art and Design.

Since 1982, she has held over 30 solo exhibitions of her paintings, drawings, and prints. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, as well as in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Ireland, and New York. Her work has been recognised with a number of awards and prizes. In 1985 she was the winner of the WA Invitation Art Award and in 1986 she was honoured with a Fellowship of the WA Arts Council.

Sieglinde Battley is a storyteller. She paints what she sees, hears, feels, and thinks every day and at night. She has a tendency to depict animals in her works and these creatures share the idiosyncrasies of friends, family, and neighbours and they become symbols of her own fears, hopes and dreams. Her tendency towards abstraction and the use of symbols has characterised her work over the past decades.

Sieglinde Battley lives in NSW, Australia.

Place made
Western Australia
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Artistic or aesthetic significance
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Interpretive capacity
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Well provenanced
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