Pioneer Village in Armadale

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Wednesday, 20 March, 2024 - 14:17
Site and Building layouts at Pioneer Village

 “Site & Building Layouts Pioneer Village Armadale” plan drawn by Dale Design Service for TAKU Pty Ltd shows the area of the village at the intersection of Albany & South West Highway with all proposed & existing buildings, parking areas.

Street of Pioneer Village prior to opening.

Image taken 1980, prior to opening of Pioneer Village for advertising purposes.  Image is a view of a street in Pioneer Village, with three people standing in the foreground.

Street of Pioneer Village.

Image taken 1980, prior to opening of Pioneer Village for advertising purposes.   

Newspaper advertising for Pioneer Village

Comment News 25 December 1989 – Advertising Pioneer Village.

Wildflower Shop interior

Brenda Shaw inside her Wildflower Shop. Brenda did the flowers for many of the weddings held at Pioneer Village. Her wildflowers were posted all over the world.

Interior of Printing Shop

Interior of the Print Shop at Pioneer Village.

Newspaper article - Grumpets of Armadale

Newspaper article about the famous “Grumpets” of Armadale created by Margot Richie.

Silverpan Confectionary Company interior

Interior of the Silverpan Confectionary Company at Pioneer Village.

Pioneer Village Tram

Photograph of the Pioneer Village Tram, a horse-drawn ride built by Derek Shaw.  The Tram is outside the Travellers’ Arms.

Photographic Emporium family portrait.

Portrait of family. Photograph was taken at the Photographic Emporium at Pioneer Village.

Street of Pioneer Village.

Image of a Pioneer Village street showing Teetotallers Hall, the Fire Station and Post Office.