Jim and Lilian Dennis Collection

About This Collection

Jim and Lillian married on 14 September 1910 and lived at 58 Coolgardie Street in Subiaco. They sent postcards to each other for birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions like Easter and Christmas.

The collection includes 128 postcards. Almost every postcard includes original poetry, such as:

“It’s the same of tale but it’s always new;
I’ve kept the same in my love for you;
I say this every year that goes;
There’s no difference at all that anyone knows;
And so I’m glad I married you wife;
It will always be so to the end of my life.”

A humorous postcard from Jim reads, “To my dear wife…from her expensive husband.”

The last of the anniversary cards was sent in 1946. Jim died in September 1947 aged 82, and Lillian passed away in 1988 aged 101.

The collection of postcards is presumed to have arrived at the museum via relatives of the couple.

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Wedding Photograph - Jim and Lillian Dennis