World War 2, Australia, Western Australia, Exmouth Gulf, 140 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery, 1943


View of gunners of prediction detachment of 140 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery working at Exmouth Gulf.

Historical information

On the 18 September 1943, 4th Aust HAA Battery was disbanded, becoming the HQ 102nd Aust Composite AA Regiment (HE) based at Guildford. It then comprising 140th Aust HAA Battery responsible for the 452nd and 453rd HAA Gun stations with the troops renamed “A” and “B” at Exmouth Gulf. The light AA units, 151st and 152nd Aust LAA Batteries were originally units of the. 109th Aust LAA Regiment.
The 3 Aust Corps Location Statement 21st August, Regimental HQ at Guildford, the 151st Battery (less one troop), Redcliffe, “R” Battery (one troop 151st Battery} at Exmouth, 152nd Battery (less one troop) at Geraldton, one troop of 152nd Battery at Pearce.
The digitised War Diaries of 140 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery are available through the Australian War memorial at



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