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c. 1900

Sepia tone photo.
5 members of the Syred family taken in front of a house at Bejoording, 3 men, 2 women.
Man on far right (George Syred) has his left hand on dog. He is wearing hat, shirt with rolled up sleeves braces and hats.
One woman is behind the fence on the right (George Syred's mother F. Syred).
Man leaning on gate post (William Edward) is wearing with light coloured trousers and dark waistcoat.
Woman at the gate (William E. Syred's daughter Alice) is wearing a bonnet and coverall apron. Unknown man on far left has hand on hip and wearing trousers and white shirt, hat on head.
House has front verandah and 3 sets of windows, door behind people at gate, two large trees one in front right one at back of house. Harper fence is split rail and post made of square cut blocks.

Historical information

Syred's cottage was the home of William Edward Syred and Frances (nee Martin).
Constructed of mud brick around 1860, extensions were gradually added to the original three roomed construction, to accommodate the couple's ten children.
"Batty" Fowler, a local builder who excelled in making mud 'bats', undoubtedly assisted in the building of the cottage.
The stone front verandah slabs were hewn from the granite rock behind the cottage and the mud bricks were made near the spring.
In 1897 a mud bat school was built near the house and used for a short time.



Registration number
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10.5000 cm
Height or length
15 cm
Inscriptions and markings

Names on back of photo: Uncle George Syred under tree with his mother F. Syred,; Bejoording Homestead; Alice Syred next to father William E. Syred at gate, man on left unknown. W.E. Syred name was William Snr.
TE Frost, Perth

Contextual Information

Same image as another photo in the Shire of Toodyay collection: 2001.1308

c. 1900
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Shire of Toodyay

Shire of Toodyay

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